Family Conference

A live and on demand family enrichment conference and training series that helps families blend and mend in today’s time. Dr johnson is a survivor of divorce and a thriver and believer in next time around relationships. Dr. Johnson coaches couples as a catalyst to heal and help families become better in their next season. There is life and love with laughter, and you can BEGIN AGAIN. Trainings and Conference Topic’s Include but are not limited to:  

Who am I and am I ready

 All too often singles, and divorcees haven’t
quite recovered from the trauma of divorce, bad break ups and or being victims and perpetrators of domestic violence? This is a session on self awareness and understanding yourself and getting to know you before
taking the next step.

Your Kids, My Kids, Our Kids:

Navigating the pitfalls of second time around relationships as it relates to blending a family is both an art and a skill. There is a science to developing relationships with your spouses children. There are different strategies for different ages and there is no one size fits all approach, but one can develop the intuitive methodologies to help the relationships mend and blending.

Money Talk

Second time, Next time or first time around couples will all wrestle with the conversation about money. These sessions work through goal setting, keys to recovery of credit, spending plans and keys to working together in developing new streams in who will be responsible for what and why.

Their House, Our House, Your House

Families come in all different shapes, sizes, and dynamics. Raising children in today’s time is indeed tough. Yet, with issues of shared custody, visitation and sleep overs children can develop a sense of insecurity, and instability when there is no clarity or conflicting house rules. Its critically important to help develop boundaries, standards and set expectations in creating solidarity. This session helps to develop strategies in managing households in different locations.